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The Simple Cable Stitch


The Simple Cable Stitch is a great place for beginners to start working with Cables & Twist Stitches.

The stitch is instantly recognizable, as it adorns many a knitted cardigan and jumper, as panels or as a full pattern. It's also, very suitable for giving cuffs or other fitted areas a little more 'oomph' than a standard rib stitch.

The simplicity in this stitch is that you are working predominately in simple knit and purls (almost producing a wide, offset rib effect). On row five (of a six-row repeat) we add in a cable four forward to create the twisted texture. Simple as the name suggests!

No time to waste, lets get cracking...

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Cast on any multiples of seven plus three stitches for your project.

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The Coiled Rope Stitch


The Coiled Rope stitch is another relatively straight-forward and easy to learn Cables & Twist Stitch, similar to the Simple Cable Stitch.

The coiled rope, like it's name suggests resembles a sturdy looking length of rope, possibly one reason it's so popular as panels on those warm knitted fisherman's wooly jumpers.

The stitch is actually a quite a straight-forward wide rib stitch, just using knits and purls for the first four rows until you reach the fifth. Here you add a cable-six-forward to the mix, to generate the continuously wrapping coiled rope effect.

Anxious to get going? Let's get started on the instructions...

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Start your project by casting on mulitples of nine plus three stitches.

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The Travelling Sands Stitch


The Travelling Sands stitch uses Cable Stitches to generate this wonderful raised texture.

The texture of the stitch is unique, and gives a rippled look similar to sand on a beach after the tide has gone out (or as my nephew put it, it looks like his motocross bike wheel).

Working on a stockinette stitch background, it is quite straight-forward with a cable six forward and a cable six backwards added to every strip of four rows of stockinette.

Let's get going...

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Cast on any multiples of twelve stitches for your project.

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Photo example of a cable and twist stitch - links to the cable and twist stitch collection.
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Cable & Twist Stitches

Cable and Twist stitches have a shaping effect that in a way is similar to a Rib Stitch, in that they create both relief and depth to any project by creating raised ridges. However, Cable and Twist patterns differ in that these ridges are knitted, so the yarn crisscrosses the surface of the fabric to give a braided or lattice effect.

Cable stitches are created by transferring a number of stitches to a Cable Needle while stitches from the left-hand needle are knitted, passing either in front or behind the cable. The stitches on the cable needle are either then transferred back to the original needle or knitted directly off the cable needle. Twist stitches are a variation (or mock version) of the cable technique that is produced without the requirement of a cable needle.

Cable stitches create a very dense fabric with little flexibility than normal knitting with a much narrower gauge. They are often associated with Celtic designs particularly Aran knitting named after the islands off the west coast of Ireland.

Whilst the prospect of adding a third needle to your knitting may sound daunting, cable knitting is relatively straightforward and gives brilliant texture to any project, whether its a pillowcase done in entirely in the Woven Cable Stitch that resembles the basketweave stitch rotated through 45 degrees or the poster child for cable stitches, the Braid Cable Stitch. Please check out our collection of Cable and Twist Stitches below.

Cable & Twist Stitch Collection

Coiled Rope Stitch

Like it's name suggests the Coiled Rope Cable Stitch resembles a sturdy looking length of rope,


Wasp’s Nest Stitch

The Wasp's Nest is a raised 3-dimensional hexagonal texture created by twisting or crossing stitches then knitting them.


Woven Cable Stitch

Resembling the baskeweave stitch, rotated through 45 degrees the Woven Cable Stitch is a straightforward repeating pattern.


Wild Oats Stitch

The Wild Oats stitch gives a softly contoured pattern with a low relief.


Trellis Stitch

The stitch gives a very angular, interlocking chainmail texture and is an excellent choice for paneling on large projects.


Crossed Ribs Stitch

A fairly straight-forward variation on the 2x2 Rib stitch, using Cable Six's to generate a criss-cross effect with the ribbing.


Traveling Sands Stitch

just imagine yourself running your hands through the wet sand on a beach after the tide has gone out.


Braid Cable Stitch

Giving a Celtic or Viking feel, this stitch is a common staple for many a wooly jumper.


Twist to the Left Stitch

The Twist to the Left Stitch creates a Twisted Rib pattern that will give your rib stitches a little more variety.


Chain Cable Stitch

The Chained Cable Stitch is a big, bold Cable stitch that will give any project some "density".


Honeycomb Cable Stitch

This stitch gives a more rugged, raised honeycomb texture and is perfect for thick wooly jumpers or hats.


Minaret Stitch

The Minaret Stitch produces a slender Cable that resembles the domed structure of a mosque's minaret.


Crossed Ribs with Faggots Stitch

A variation on the Crossed Ribs stitch, adding some openwork to the cables to generate a lighter appearance.


Basketweave Rib Stitch

One of my favorite stitches, a combination of ribbing and twisting generates this beautiful stitch.


Simple Cable Stitch

The Simple Cable Stitch is instantly recognizable, as it adorns many cardigans and jumpers, as panels or as a full pattern.


Twist to the Right Stitch

The Twist to the Right Stitch creates a Twisted Rib pattern that will give your rib stitches a little more variety.


Plaited Cable Stitch

Generates a very wide pattern, particulalry suited when a bold accent is desired.


Crossed Cables Stitch

Similar to the Crossed Ribs Stitch, but with more frequent cabling to produce a more intricate criss-cross effect.


Ribbed Cables Stitch

This stitch generates a Ribbing effect that is twisted to the right.


More Stitches Coming Soon.


We are continuously adding new stitches to the collection, so be sure to check back in again! If you wish to request a specific stitch then please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

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The Braid Cable Stitch


The Braid Cable stitch much like the name suggests gives a braided rope like appearance particularly suited for those warm wooly jumpers come wintertime.

So, what is a Braid Cable Stitch? The Braid Cable stitch uses a series of cable 6 forward and backward to generate this lovely knotted texture. This stitch is one of the bedrock cable stitches found in many patterns & can be combined with other cables or stitches to make more intricate patterns.

Ready to get started? Then pick up some needles and yarn and follow the instructions below.

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The Braid Cable stitch is worked in panels of 15 stitches.

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