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The 1x1 Rib Stitch


The 1x1 Rib stitch is the simplest stitch in the Rib Stitch family. Yet despite it's simplicity, we would argue it is certainly a stitch that should not be overlooked, particularly because of it's simplicity.

Rib Stitches are reversible, stretchy and pretty versatile with the 1x1 Rib Stitch being no exception. For this reason, the 1x1 Rib stitch is particularly suited to fitted projects or areas of projects that require a more fitted shape such as collars, hems, and cuffs.

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Photo example of a rib stitch - links to rib stitch collection.
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Rib Stitches

One of the most useful and used techniques, Rib Stitches create raised "ribbed" or vertical stripe textures to the fabric. Commonly generated by columns of Stockinette Stitch alternated with Reverse Stockinette, although additional stitches may also be included to give variation to the patterns.

Ribbing has a strong tendency to contract laterally, forming small pleats in which the purl stitches recede and the knit stitches come forward. The result is a fabric that is stretchy and form-fitting making it great for shaping, particularly suited for fitted clothes or fitted areas such as collars, cuffs and hems.

In addition, when the number of knit and purl stripes are equal, the fabric has no tendency to curl and is reversible making it an ideal stitch pattern for scarves. Rib Stitches are a truly hardy and useful - why not introduce yourself to this versatile family of stitches below?

Rib Stitch Collection

Ribbed Cables Stitch

This stitch generates a Ribbing effect that is twisted to the right.


Basketweave Rib Stitch

One of my favorite stitches, a combination of ribbing and twisting generates this beautiful stitch.


Crossed Ribs Stitch

A fairly straight-forward variation on the 2x2 Rib stitch, using Cable Six's to generate a criss-cross effect with the ribbing.


2×2 Rib Stitch

Variation on the 1x1 Rib with a knit two purl two repeating pattern.


Twist to the Left Stitch

The Twist to the Left Stitch creates a Twisted Rib pattern that will give your rib stitches a little more variety.


Shaker’s Rib

Gives a much lighter, softer and stretchier stitch compared to most ribbing, making it ideal for items such as hats.


Crossed Ribs with Faggots Stitch

A variation on the Crossed Ribs stitch, adding some openwork to the cables to generate a lighter appearance.


2×2 Garter Rib Stitch

Variation on the 2x2 Rib with alternating rows of p2k2 and purl stitches.


Fisherman’s Rib

Very dense rib stitch that is particularly suited for those warm winter clothing projects.


1×1 Rib Stitch

The simplest rib stitch as featured in our Knitting Stitches for Beginners.


Brioche Stitch

Beautiful dense and reversible ribbing style that is also very simple to knit!


Lace Rib Stitch

The Lace Rib Stitch combines an Eyelet & Lace design with Ribbing.


Broken Rib

As the name suggests the ribbing is broken up by incorporating a row of knit stitches in every even row.


Twist to the Right Stitch

The Twist to the Right Stitch creates a Twisted Rib pattern that will give your rib stitches a little more variety.


More Stitches Coming Soon.

We are continuously adding new stitches to the collection, so be sure to check back in again! If you wish to request a specific stitch then please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

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