Braid Cable Stitch

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The Braid Cable Stitch


The Braid Cable stitch much like the name suggests gives a braided rope like appearance particularly suited for those warm wooly jumpers come wintertime.

So, what is a Braid Cable Stitch? The Braid Cable stitch uses a series of cable 6 forward and backward to generate this lovely knotted texture. This stitch is one of the bedrock cable stitches found in many patterns & can be combined with other cables or stitches to make more intricate patterns.

Ready to get started? Then pick up some needles and yarn and follow the instructions below.

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The Braid Cable stitch is worked in panels of 15 stitches. The 1st row consists of knitting every stitch, and once the fabric is reversed then purl every stitch in row 2. For row 3, knit the first three stitches then cable 6 forward - slip three stitches onto the cable needle (held in front of the fabric), knit the next three stitches from the left-hand needle and then knit the three stitches from the cable needle. Repeat Cable 6 forward till the end of the row.

The following three rows are a succession of knit and purl stitches with rows 4 & 6 consisting entirely of purl stitches, and row 5 entirely of knit stitches.

For Row 7, cable 6 back - slip three stitches onto the cable needle (held behind the fabric), knit three stitches from the left-hand needle then knit the three stitches from the cable needle. Repeat cable 6 back until the final three stitches on the row and knit these.

Purl all stitches on row 8. Repeat rows 1 through 8 until you reach the desired length of fabric for your project

Difficulty Level:

Intermediate Knitting Stitch Difficulty

Cast on:

Stitch panel is worked over 15 stitches.

Techniques Used in this Stitch:

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Traditional Instructions

Row 1: k all stitches
Row 2: p all stitches
Row 3: k3; *C6F; repeat from * to the end of the row
Row 4: p all stitches
Row 5: k all stitches
Row 6: p all stitches
Row 7: *C6B; repeat from * to the last 3 stitches; k3
Row 8: p all stitches

Repeat row 1-8 to desired length.

Braid Cable Stitch Chart

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Braid Cable Stitch Swatch Examples

Example of Braid Cable Stitch - RS

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Example of Braid Cable Stitch - WS

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Knitting projects using the Braid Cable Stitch

Braid Cable Scarf by Crystal Palace Yarns

This elegant scarf by Crystal Palace Yarns is made from repeating patterns of the Braid Cable Stitch. You can find the pattern design on Crystal Palace Yarns website.

Both the image and design are the property of Crystal Palace Yarns.


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