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Eyelet and Lace stitches can add some airy elegance and sophistication to any knitting project, and open up a completely different sphere of possibilities compared to the often heavier looking Rib or Cable & Twist Stitches.

The beginner knitter may be a little daunted at first by the intricacy of this style of knitting as it does involve more technique. However, simple eyelets can create stunning patterns to begin with and lead with some perseverance to learning to do more fascinatedly detailed and intricate designs. Indeed, even combining several basic eyelet designs together into one project, while potentially requiring a little mathematical endeavor can lead to some spectacular results.

Eyelet and Lace are often worked in fine yarns to show their delicate detailing which works well for delicate shrugs, cardigans and baby blankets. That is not to say that heavier weight yarns are a no-go, as these can totally transform the look of a stitch and take on a whole new dimension.

Whatever the look you are trying to achieve, we hope our collection of Eyelet & Lace stitches give you some inspiration for your knitting projects.

Eyelet & Lace Stitch Collection

Old Shale stitch example & Title Slide for

Old Shale Stitch

This a traditional stitch from the Shetland Islands in Scotland, named for it's shell like appearance (pronounced "shael").


Ridged Ribbon stitch example & Title Slide for

Ridged Ribbon Stitch

This series of eyelets on a background of stockinette stitch is perfect for bordering projects and inserting lace through them.


Faggot stitch example & Title Slide for

Faggot Stitch

The faggot stitch is a straightforward eyelet stitch that creates a simple, delicate texture ideal for baby blankets.


Feather & Fan stitch example & Title Slide for

Feather & Fan Stitch

This a traditional stitch from the Shetland Islands in Scotland, named for it's feather like appearance.


Clover stitch example & Title Slide for

Clover Stitch

The Clover Stitch is an excellent eyelet stitch for babies blankets.


Travelling Vine Stitch example & Title Slide for

Travelling Vine Stitch

The Travelling Vine Stitch is an elegant climbing vine-leaf pattern using Eyelet and Lace techniques.


More Stitches Coming Soon.


We are continuously adding new stitches to the collection, so be sure to check back in again! If you wish to request a specific stitch then please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

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