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There are hundreds of different types of knitting stitches that can yield a range of inspirational knitting designs.

Here at we aim to provide an ever expanding free online Knitting Stitch Library to provide you with the inspiration you need - from easy knitting stitches for beginners to learn the craft, to lace knitting stitches for that delicate babies knit blanket you wanted to make your first grandchild.

To make our online stitch dictionary easy to navigate you can search through our catalogue of beautiful stitches by type such as a bread and butter Knit and Purl or if you are looking for something more rugged and chunky for that sweater, maybe Cables and Twists are more what you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can browse our knitting stitch library by difficulty.

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Knitting Stitches by Technique

Photo example of a knit and purl stitch - links to knit and purl stitch catalogue.

Knit and Purl

The Knit and Purl category builds a range of different knitting stitches on the two most basic knitting techniques (Knit and Purl).

These range from basic knitting stitches for beginners such as Garter Stitch or Stockinette Stitch, to more advanced variations such as the Fur Stitch.

Eyelet and Lace

The eyelet and lace category involves creating eyelets by using simple wraps and yarn overs, thus creating a myriad of stunning lace patterns.

The different stitches can create a vast variety of patterns, from very simple delicate flower motifs to much more complex chunky textures.

Photo example of a eyelet and lace stitch - links to the eyelet and lace stitch collection.

Photo example of a rib stitch - links to rib stitch collection.

Rib Stitches

Rib stitches generate raised wales by alternating different stitches along a row. Hugely popular for cuffs and collars they are often found in sweater and scarf designs.

Rib stitches vary greatly in difficultly, from the simple knit and purl 1x1 Rib Stitch to involving complex lace patterns into the ribbing design.

Cables and Twists

Mention cables and twists and your mind is instantly transported to days gone by - sitting on the beach watching the fishermen bringing in their haul in their chunky knitwear.

Fancy adding some fun twists and cables to your knitwear like the Woven Cable stitch or the Chunky Braid stitch?

Photo example of a cable and twist stitch - links to the cable and twist stitch collection.

Photo example of a slipped stitch - links to slipped stitch collection.

Slipped Stitch

Potentially developed from an accidental missed stitch and some experimentation, slip stitching allows for weaving together multiple colours or textures together into one fabric.

Fancy creating some interesting colour work or looking to add some wonderful texture like the Slip Stitch Honeycomb?

Knitting Stitches by Difficulty

Seasoned Pro or Complete Beginner

Whilst you may be perusing for a specific technique or look for a stitch - we have also provide in addition the ability to search for different knitting stitches patterns by difficulty.

Whether you are a seasoned knitter looking for a more taxing challenge or a complete beginner, researching for your first few stitches (where we also suggest checking out or special beginners section). Then we are sure you will be able to find something to wet your appetite.

Description of knitting stitch difficulty level - beginner. Links to collection of beginner knitting stitches.

Description of knitting stitch difficulty level - easy. Links to collection of easy knitting stitches.

Description of knitting stitch difficulty level - intermediate. Links to collection of intermediate knitting stitches.

Description of knitting stitch difficulty level - advanced. Links to collection of advanced knitting stitches.

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