Honeycomb Brioche Stitch

The Honeycomb Brioche Stitch


The Honeycomb Brioche Stitch uses some Knit & Purl variations to create a very dense and rather stunning fabric.

This thick, three-dimensional stitch is super soft, cozy and an absolute shoe-in for babies blankets (or even adult sized blankets).

The stitch is a short two stitch repeat with some knit/purl variations to generate that three-dimensional lattice style structure, involving a knit two together in conjunction a knit in the stitch below to pull the effect off.

Looking to get started, well lets move on to the instructions...

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Cast on any multiple of two stitches for your project.

This stitch starts out pretty easily - simply knit all stitches for the first and second row.

The third-row consists of a two stitch repeating pattern of knitting one, then knitting one in the stitch below. Keep repeating this across the entire row.

For the fourth row, you are going to start by picking up the long (top) yarn produced by the knit one in the stitch below and knit it together with the stitch that is one the needle (knit two together), then knit one. Keep repeating this along the row.

The fifth row inverts row three - knit one in the stitch below, then knit one. As before, continue this right across the full row

The sixth row involves knitting one, then as before pick up the top stitch from the knit one below and knit it with the stitch on the main needle (i.e. knit two together). As you may have guessed, continue this pattern across the entire row.

Once you have completed row six, continue repeating rows 3-6 until you have the desired size.

Difficulty Level:

Intermediate Knitting Stitch

Cast on:

Cast on any multiple of 2 stitches.
4 + 2 row pattern repeat.

Techniques Used in this Stitch:


Knit one below
Knit 2 together

Wool Yarns from knitpicks.com
Worsted Weight Yarns from knitpicks.com

Traditional Instructions

Rows 1 & 2: k all stitches.
Row 3: *k1, k1b; rep from * to end of row.
Row 4: *k2tog (picking up the top stitch from the k1b and knitting it with the stitch on the main needle), k1; rep from * to end of row.
Row 5: *k1b, k1; rep from * to end of row.
Row 6: *K1, k2tog (picking up the top stitch from the k1b and knitting it with the stitch on the main needle); rep from * to end or row.

Repeat rows 3-6 to desired length.

Honeycomb Brioche Stitch Chart

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Miniature Leaf Swatch Examples

Honeycomb Brioche Stitch Example - RS

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Honeycomb Brioche Stitch Example - WS

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Knitting projects using the Honeycomb Brioche Stitch

We currently don't have any projects to show. If you would like to share your project using the Honeycomb Brioche Stitch, then get in touch using the comments box at the bottom of the page or through our contact page.


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Stitches & Instruction by Alison; Article by Brian

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