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The Brioche Stitch


The brioche stitch is a wonderful reversible stitch that particularly serves any scarf or afghan projects that you may be thinking about undertaking.

The brioche stitch (also known as the English Rib) gives a ribbed appearance on both sides of the fabric. Knitting with a brioche stitch will create a very dense and stretchy item of knitting, perfect for scarves, hats or a knit blanket!

Depending on the type of yarn and project you are undertaking it may be wise to knit a test swatch as this type of stitch will consume more yarn than usual and may stretch on washing.

So, what is a brioche stitch? A brioche stitch is actually a very simple and fast stitch to do, comprised of two alternating knitting stitches - the purl slip stitch and knitting two together. So grab your needles and some wool yarn & let's get started with the more detailed instructions and chart below!

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Cast on the required number of EVEN stitches for your project, begin knitting the set-up row with a slip stitch purlwise (with yarn forward) followed by a knit stitch (with yarn forward). Repeat until the end of the row.

Begin the first of the pattern rows with a slip stitch purlwise (with yarn forward) followed by knitting two stitches together (with yarn forward). Repeat until the end of the row.

Repeat the pattern rows and continue till you have the desired size.

Difficulty Level:

Easy Knitting Stitch Difficulty

Cast on:

Cast on any even number of stitches.

Techniques Used in this Stitch:


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Traditional Instructions

SU row: *yfwd, S1 yfwd, k; repeat from * to end
Row 1: *yfwd, S1 yfwd, k2tog; repeat from * to end

Repeat row 1 to desired length.

Brioche Stitch Chart

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Brioche Stitch Swatch Examples

Example of Brioche Stitch - Right Side

Click to enlarge the swatch example.


Example of Brioche Stitch - Wrong Side

Click to enlarge the swatch example.

Knitting projects using the Brioche Stitch

Bernat Brioche Stitch Scarf by Yarnspirations

This dual colour brioche stitch scarf came to my attention through a post on Raverly. Simply choose two colours to match your personality and get knitting.

The design is by Yarnspirations and is available online at Yarnspirations.

Horizon Brioche Cowl by Red Heart

Whilst skimming through brioche stitch patterns on KnittingPatternsGalore I discovered this simply stunning Cowl.

The design is by Red Heart and is available online for free at Red Heart.

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Stitches & instruction by Alison, article by Brian

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