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Broken Ribbing Stitch example & Title Slide for "How to Knit the Broken Ribbing Stitch"

Broken Ribbing Stitch

The Broken Ribbing Stitch Description The Broken Ribbing Stitch is an easy to do Rib Stitch. This stitch gives an interesting texture produced by fragmenting the rib stitches; it is especially suited as a fabric stitch for sweaters. Shall we get started..    Contents    1. Introduction    2. Instructions       2.1 Written (Long-hand)       2.2 Techniques Required       2.3 Written […]

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Variation Ribbing – the Changing Rib Stitch

The Changing Rib Stitch Description The Changing Rib Stitch is a pretty Rib Stitch variation on 1×3 Ribbing. The stitch is suitable for an all-over pattern or for selective rib trimming, such as around collars and cuffs. Looking to get started, well lets move on to the instructions…    Contents    1. Introduction    2. Instructions       2.1 Written […]

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