Ribbed Cables Stitch

The Ribbed Cables Knitting Stitch title &

The Ribbed Cables Stitch


The Ribbed Cables stitch is a great "twist" in the Rib Stitch family.

The stitch uses an increase/decrease combo to create a mock cable rib effect, which sits on a Reverse-Stockinette Stitch backdrop.

On first look, the increase (k1bfb) seems intimidating, but if it's new to you, try a few practices on a test swatch, and we're sure you'll pick it up pretty quickly. This increase adds an extra two stitches to your row, which are then decreased a couple of rows later using a k3tog.

As you would expect from a rib stitch, it is super-stretchable meaning it is a perfect candidate for those fitted areas such as collars and cuffs. While it is not reversible in the strictest sense i.e. it produces two mirror image sides; the wrong side gives an extremely attractive broad stockinette stitch rib effect.

Keen to get started? Then lets get started with the instructions below...

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Cast on multiples of five plus four stitches for your project.

Begin the first row by purling the first four stitches, then for the next stitch (the fifth) knit through the back, then the front then the back again. Repeat this pattern until you reach the last four stitches which should be all be purl stitches. The fifth stitch creates an increase, resulting in an extra two stitches - meaning that moving on to the second row you should now have a multiple of seven plus four stitches.

Start the second row by knitting four stitches, then enter a repeating pattern of purling three stitches and knitting four. Repeat this combination of seven stitches until you reach the end of the row.

For the third row repeat purling four then knitting three together. Continue until you reach the last four stitches and purl them.

The fourth row starts with knitting four stitches. Start a repeat of purling one, followed by knitting four. Continue this five stitch repeat till you reach the end of the row.

Once you have completed row 4, continue repeating rows 1-4 until you have the desired size.

Difficulty Level:

Intermediate Knitting Stitch

Cast on:

Cast on in multiples of 5 + 4 stitches.

Techniques Used in this Stitch:



Knit one in the back, then front then back again
Knit three together


Traditional Instructions

Row 1: *p4, k1bfb; repeat from * till last four stitches, p4.
Row 2: k4, *p3, k4; repeat from * till the end of the row.
Row 3: *p4, k3tog; repeat from * till last four stitches, p4.
Row 4: k4, *p1, k4; repeat from * till the end of the row.

Repeat rows 1-4 to desired length.

Ribbed Cables Stitch Chart

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Ribbed Cables Stitch Swatch Examples

Ribbed Cables Example - Right Side

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Ribbed Cables Example - Wrong Side

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Knitting projects using the Ribbed Cables Stitch

We currently don't have any projects to show. If you would like to share your project using the Ribbed Cables Stitch, then get in touch using the comments box at the bottom of the page or through our contact page.


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Stitches & Instruction by Alison; Article by Brian

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