Monthly Archives: April 2016

Fisherman’s Rib Stitch

The Fisherman’s Rib StitchDescription The Fisherman’s Rib stitch is a beautiful example of a dense, tightly knitted Rib Stitch. Like the majority of Rib Stitches, the Fisherman’s Rib is reversible. While there is some give in the Fisherman’s Rib, due to it’s very tightly knitted, dense texture it is less stretchy than some of the […]

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1×1 Rib Stitch

The 1×1 Rib StitchDescription The 1×1 Rib stitch is the simplest stitch in the Rib Stitch family. Yet despite it’s simplicity, we would argue it is certainly a stitch that should not be overlooked, particularly because of it’s simplicity. Rib Stitches are reversible, stretchy and pretty versatile with the 1×1 Rib Stitch being no exception. […]

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