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The Basketweave Rib Stitch


The Basketweave Rib stitch is a truly stunning Rib Stitch pattern and definately one of my favorites.

The stitch creates a small six stitch diagonal basketweave pattern along the ribs, on the background of a reverse stockinette stitch. The basketweave pattern may look like a cable, but doesn't require a cable needle as we use a series of cross two knit left and cross two purl right stitches to generate this texture.

On first look, these cross knit stitches may seem intimidating, but if it's new to you, try a few practices on a test swatch, and we're sure you'll pick it up pretty quickly.

The stitch, while not strictly reversible looks beautiful on both sides, and has a fair bit of give. This stitch is best used for the whole fabric, or as a decorative panel on a garment rather than using as ribbing around the collars or cuffs (although, do as you wish!).

Raring to go? Ok, lets head to the instructions...

The Basketweave Rib Stitch Banner Title


Cast on multiples of twelve plus five stitches for your project.

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