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The Travelling Sands Stitch


The Travelling Sands stitch uses Cable Stitches to generate this wonderful raised texture.

The texture of the stitch is unique, and gives a rippled look similar to sand on a beach after the tide has gone out (or as my nephew put it, it looks like his motocross bike wheel).

Working on a stockinette stitch background, it is quite straight-forward with a cable six forward and a cable six backwards added to every strip of four rows of stockinette.

Let's get going...

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Cast on any multiples of twelve stitches for your project.

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Advantages of Knitting with Alpaca Yarn Banner

8 Advantages of Knitting with Alpaca Yarn

South American Alpaca Wool has many of the benefits of sheep's wool and more. The two are very different animals that have evolved in different environments and thus, gives rise to the unique qualities of the alpaca fiber.

This elegant yarn has increased in popularity over recent years, and in this article we will explore the reasons behind its admiration, how to care and maintain it, and under what circumstances, alpaca wool is the go to yarn.


An alpaca is a South American camelid that resembles the llama, but is smaller and has a much thicker, softer and luxurious fleece.

They are bred specifically for their fiber, adored for millennia because of its soft feel, strength, and warmth. In fact, one of the key economic bedrocks of the Incan civilization was it's textile industry, based on the wool of the Alpaca.

An awesomely cute alpaca

They traditionally were bred in the heights of the Andes (mainly in Peru), but also Chile and Bolivia. That was until the arrival, and colonization of South America by the Spanish. The Spanish saw the Alpaca in a direct land competition with sheep and proceeded to slaughter them for meat, nearly to the point of extinction.

Thankfully, the Alpaca survived with the population now totaling several million in the altiplano of the Andes. In recent years, with the world rediscovering the wonders of this fiber, Alpaca farms have been popping up in the US, Australia, and the UK.

However, due to the smaller populations of Alpacas, compared to sheep or goats, alpaca wool yarn is a more expensive than that most other types of yarn. The annual worldwide supply of Alpaca Yarn currently totals around 4000 tons with nearly 90% of the production from Peru.

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The Flag Stitch


The Flag Stitch combines just the Knit & Purl stitches to produce a beautiful layered, textured effect.

The Flag Stitch is excellent for adding some relief, and texture to large projects, such as cardigans or blankets.

Ready to get going, then let's head to the instructions...

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Cast on multiples of seven stitches for your project.

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The Lace Rib Stitch


The Lace Rib Stitch combines an Eyelet & Lace design with Ribbing.

The Lace Rib is a beautiful, delicate looking rib design that would be perfect for summer cardigans or shawls.

Ready to get going, then let's head to the instructions...

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Cast on multiples of seven plus two stitches for your project.

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The Trinity Stitch


Trinity Stitch, also known as the Bramble Stitch (UK) creates a raised texture using increase/decrease variations on Knit & Purl stitches.

We generate this effect by alternating between a (knit one, purl one, knit one) double increase, immediately followed by purling 3 together, which is a double decrease. These increases and decreases are done on the wrong side (even numbered rows). All the right side rows (even numbers) are done with purl stitches.

The Trinity Stitch is similar in appearance to the Berry Stitch, but has a subtly different look to it.

The stitch, in my opinion, is best used for smaller knitting projects such as purses, hats or washcloths to add some texture. I feel a large swathe of fabric knitted in this pattern may be a bit overwhelming. However, as ever, this is done to personal taste so feel free to prove me wrong!

Is it time already? Ok, lets get started...

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Cast on multiples of four plus three stitches for your project.

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