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Basketweave Stitch (4×4)

The Basketweave (4×4) StitchIntroduction It should not really be a surprise how the basketweave family of stitches received their name, the stitches resembling the texture of a wicker basket weave. This variation of the basketweave stitch uses a 4×4 pattern which is reversible and is particularly suited for household items such as wash or dishcloths. […]

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Stockinette Stitch

The Stockinette StitchDescription In the world of knitting you could say the Stockinette Stitch is the meat to the potatoes of the Garter Stitch. The stockinette stitch (also known in the UK/Australia/New Zealand as the Stocking Stitch) gives a smooth stacked “V” appearance (right side) and resembles the the raised ridges of the garter stitch […]

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